India is emerging as one of the leading country in the world for its rich tradition of food and life style. All of us has gone through economics, statistics and production figures of various agricultural crops, processing data and recent position of India in food processing sector across the globe. In our economy Agri- Food Processing is a major component in terms of GDP and CAGR. Here rather than discussing figures and statistics let’s try to imbibe what actually food processing sector is and how existing and upcoming entrepreneurs can have a choice and chance for commercially viable business options. In our country food businesses are mostly understood as manufacturing of papad, pickles, jams and likewise. In fact there is very vast and technologically proven products and business lines in food processing. These products and processes are tremendously in demand in local as well as global market. So let’s see what are those–

Along with conventional processes and products if entrepreneurs gives a second thought to some specialized one, it will not only boost new entities but also to existing manufacturers. For example there is one product “Sauerkraut” which is fermented product of cabbage. This product is in high demand in European countries. Just addition of few skills and expertise gives a very value added product which can boost manufacturing entity a new dimensions. It’s sort of pickled product. If someone is working in such type of similar products, addition of some machinery and equipment can give him new product. This new product can be a mile stone in his business. There are many products and processes available in market. So value addition and customization can be adopted and business ideas can be executed. There are some sub segments also those are allied activities to food processing businesses. Those can be called as sub sectors-

Even though these are support services for existing businesses, it can be a separate business for new entrepreneurs. Third sector which is not given due weightage in most of the talks and sessions is ‘Service Sector’. This can be mentioned as zero investment business. One’s expertise, knowledge and skills are the assets. Its reality, that there is large number of entrepreneurs those are willing to enter into food businesses but they are from different domains. For such people these experts can play a major role in almost all aspects of business like machineries and equipments, product development, market potential and analysis, proposals and subsidies, regulations and certifications etc. Existing entrepreneurs can also hire such technocrats for expansion, value addition and vertical growth. Its also recommended to such entrepreneurs to use their experience and expertise through this segment. It will not only generate revenue but will boost industry with their experience and expertise.

The recent pandemic has open up new avenues for food business sectors. In current situation everyone has understood importance of health and hygiene. Requirements of quality and nutritious products has raised drastically. Market requirement has been shifted to processed, packed and nutritionally formulated products. Considering overall situation and condition government is providing guidance and support through subsidies and schemes. Many institutes and organizations are involved in boosting the industry. Following diagram shows the boosting factors –

Any business if started and run through professional aspects, there are more chances to succeed. As we know “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Its time to walk with the trend and time to reach the new heights in Food Business.

Dr. RijwanPinjari