In pervious series of blogs – Introductory guide and operation guide, the most important part for start ups is success. In usual philosophy it is said success can be measured by various ways and the concept of success varies person to person. In case of start up, business or entrepreneurship, it also applicable and the parameters are - number customers, number of employees, number of products, number of services or varies as per the sector of business. Even though it’s true by all means and if wants to summarize it, its Profitable Balance Sheet. We all agrees and runs the entities for this ultimate aim. In this blog we are going to find out the factors responsible for Profitable Balance Sheet (PBS) and how they can determine the growth and maintain the number on PBS. To make it successful there various factors as given below –

By following above factors and paths one can achieve a lot and make sure the success ratio. But it’s a continuous process and one need to be very particular and keen to follow this. As we know every topic has two sides like pros and cons, so do the start up has. There are advantages of Successful Start Ups/ Entrepreneurship –

Few limiting factors are need to be considered -

Looking at the factorsin last two blogs and here also, it can be concluded that success of an start up does not depend on one or two factors. Its outcome of a collective efforts, skills and management. One need to consider this for initiation, operation and functioning. All the best to all start ups.

Dr. RijwanPinjari